Full SEO Audit or free SEO audit with a short deadline

  • A more than 50-page analysis, unique in the country, based on many years of experience.
  • The basis of the audit is provided by professional paid software, its preparation takes min. 8 working hours.
  • In addition to the complete list of errors, the SEO audit includes how to correct them and a complete SEO strategy.
  • SEO Audit packages

SEO Audit packages

During SEO services, we always start with a full audit. If you are not sure yet, now you have the opportunity to request a FREE SEO Audit instead of a full audit. This is a simple one-page summary of the most serious errors.


  • Full Value SEO Audit
  • Complete error list in Excel
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • 1 hour consultation

* If you order a monthly SEO service, we provide the audit for FREE!



  • One page quick overview
  • Professional suggestions

* It will contain the most serious errors, but it does not replace a full-fledged SEO audit service. We prepare audits on a first-come, first-served basis and reserve the right to refuse.


SEO consultation

We provide an opportunity for SEO expert consultation. The consultation takes place on an hourly basis, in the form of an online meeting.


Content of the SEO Audit

The Technical SEO Audit includes a full-fledged SEO analysis, which we prepare based on the data of several professional paid software and many years of SEO experience. The audit consists of 50+ pages depending on the size and condition of the page and requires a minimum of 8 working hours to complete.

Attention: This audit is not a pdf file spit out by a software, but a professional material that is unparalleled in the country and was prepared according to all currently valid SEO recommendations!

To prepare a full-fledged SEO Audit, we need access to the website's Search Console account, Google Analytics account and Google My Business account, if available.

If required, we present the completed audit during a 1-hour online presentation, where we discuss the results, tasks and opportunities. Of course we will also send you the complete error list for the audit by email.

Technical SEO Audit

During technical analysis, we map site with several tools and reveal technical errors that may have negative impact on the organic performance. Examination covers: indexability, site structure, security, internal-external linking, page speed and examination of HTML elements. You can read more here: SEO checklist

On-page SEO Audit

In addition to technical errors, we also collect content errors. This investigation covers URL management, meta and heading data, content quality, image SEO, internal linking and click depth.

E-E-A-T check

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is a very important ranking indicator for Google. Especially for websites that publish financial, medical (YMYL - Your Money or Your Life) and expert opinions, but also for simple online stores where bank card payments and personal data are entered.

UX analysis

Page usability is an indirect ranking factor. People will close the page if it is useless or ugly. A good site increases user experience and thus engagement.

Local SEO / Google MyBusiness

In local searches, Google can give preference to the pages of businesses with stores nearby, if they are properly optimized. You can read more about the Google Cégem service here: Local SEO and GMB

Backlink profile analysis

During the examination of the backlink profile, we examine the number and quality of links to the domain. We determine the strength of the page's backlink profile in relation to the Hungarian market, uncover possible spam, pbn networks, harmful links and < href="https://ad-ops.hu/blog/negativ-seo">negative SEO activities.

Google penalty check

Analyzing the organic traffic of the past 1 year, we will see if the page was affected by one of the previous algorithm updates, or if it received a specific penalty for something.

Keyword analysis / Organic performance

When examining the organic performance, it often turns out that the page does not appear anywhere for a very important and relevant keyword. When examining the organic performance, we look at the keywords and positions of the page. How has this performance developed in the past period, what are the keywords that bring the most clicks and impressions.

Organic competitor analysis

During the organic competitor analysis, it often turns out that in fact you have to deal with completely different competitors in organic searches than those we thought were competitors until now. During the analysis, we determine the real competitors, what is the performance of the current organic keywords compared to competitors and compare the competition's backlink profiles.

SEO Strategy and roadmap

Along with the SEO Audit, we also deliver an SEO strategy, which summarizes the most important tasks for increasing organic results for a year in advance. For this, an SEO Roadmap is prepared, which also includes the expected time of all error corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Audit

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