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Enter the contact information of your website and we will prepare a Mini SEO audit for FREE. If you want, we can even present it online! We reveal the most serious errors and propose their correction. Filling out the form below does not entail any obligation.

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What is an SEO audit good for?

Did you know that in most cases, only a few small improvements separate websites from better search engine rankings? During the SEO audit, we reveal the serious problems and make suggestions to improve them, so your website can achieve a much better ranking in Google.

Organic traffic can be increased up to five times

By correcting the technical errors found during the audit and continuously optimizing the content, we increased the organic traffic of this client fivefold.

SEO case study on the growth of organic traffic of a website providing services in English

For this client, we increased the organic traffic fivefold in one year!

One error is enough to slow down the website

Often, only a small technical error holds the page back in the search engines. For this client, we corrected the errors discovered during the audit.

The result of 40 hours of SEO service on a Wordpress website

The result of 40 hours of SEO service on a Wordpress website

Sometimes a website engine change is required

There are also cases, where although the site is very beautiful and fast, the search robots cannot read them normally. In such cases, a change of engine or migration is necessary. The improvement is visible immediately after the engine change.

Results after switching to Wordpress engine

If the motor is not suitable, it must be replaced

Contents of the free SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

During the technical analysis, our tool maps the website and reveals the technical errors that may have a negative impact on the organic performance of the site.

On-page SEO Audit

In addition to technical errors, we also collect content errors. This investigation covers URL management, meta and heading data and images, internal links.

SEO Strategy

Together with the SEO Audit, we also deliver an SEO strategy, which summarizes the most important tasks to increase organic results.

* In the absence of sufficient access, this audit examines only limited elements and does not replace the full SEO audit service. We prepare audits on a first-come, first-served basis and reserve the right to refuse.

If you want a full audit, you can place your order here.

Who are we?

Our Hungarian SEO agency consists of experienced specialists who have been involved in search engine optimization for years and marketing specialists with many years of domestic and international experience.

Frequently asked questions about the audit

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