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We are a Full-Stack SEO agency based in Budapest with domestic and international experience. Our operation is transparent, our results are confirmed by our references.

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Premium linkbuilding in a transparent and traceable way

Based on the linkbuilding strategy, we only build links from reliable and real websites. The result of linkbuilding can be tracked on the SEO Dashboard.

Linkbuilding packages

SEO Dashboard: Track the organic results of your website and your competitors

Do you not see the work of an SEO expert or agency? Track your SEO results with an automatically updated report every month.
from the SEO Dashboard

Google Ads, Facebook and TikTok advertising management (PPC)

Our experienced Google Partner team provides comprehensive, cost-effective Google Ads, Facebook and TikTok advertising management services using the latest data-driven methods.

Ad Management  Free PPC Audit

Our additional Online Marketing services

Our Digital Marketing agency provides comprehensive Online Marketing services for all segments of the SME sector, starting with one-person micro-entrepreneurs.

Webshop SEO / CRO

Web store creation, migration, setup, CRO, analytics and SEO.

Online Marketing strategy

We help you plan and implement a complete online presence.

PPC Audit / campaign management

We plan, set up and continuously optimize campaigns.

SEO Audit, search engine optimization

We prepare a more than 50-page audit of your website, which is unique in Hungary.

Analytics Audit / setup

We review the entire Google Analytics setup, measure and fix errors.

Social Management

We manage your social media accounts and grow your online audience.

ASO, App Store Optimization

Optimization of mobile applications on the Appstore and Google Play interfaces.

Design, creative, image

We help with the creation of creative and image materials.

Google Analytics audit and setup, Piwik and GTM setup

Trust us with your Google Analytics account and we will help you set up conversion measurement. Accurate measurement of advertising channels will quickly reveal where your company's advertising costs are spent.

Analytics setup and audit

Case Studies

SEO case study on the growth of organic traffic of a website providing services in English

SEO case study: English-language site, organic traffic increased fivefold in one year!

Wordpress SEO case study - VIDEO

Zoltán Csentes   07-12-2023

We performed 40 hours of SEO services on a Wordpress website. This was the result.

Look at it

Restaurant engine replacement SEO case study - VIDEO

Zoltán Csentes   15-11-2023

We changed the engine of a restaurant's website because Google didn't like the old one. I'll show you what the result was.

Look at it

SEO case study - Software retailer online store

Zoltán Csentes   03-07-2023

In our SEO case study, we present the results of a 1.5-year search engine optimization of a software web store.

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Case Study: How often should I post?

Zoltán Csentes   24-08-2022

A personal case study on how to determine how often to post and how important it is to write regularly.

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Linkbuilding case study: This is how cheap link builders beat you!

Zoltán Csentes   23-12-2021

By buying a link that is said to be cheap but of good quality, you are not only throwing money out the window, but your organic presence may also be in jeopardy.

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Our online marketing team is made up of the best domestic specialists
who have many years of domestic and international experience.

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Useful Content Algorithm Update: How to get out of it

Zoltán Csentes   06-10-2023

Did traffic of your site drop after the Google useful content algorithm update? Fix it!

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Is this really the end of SEO? - The future of search engine optimization

Zoltán Csentes   20-09-2023

Will the SEO apocalypse come with artificial intelligence, or will there still be a future for search engine optimization?

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Footer Optimization: SEO and UX Tips for the Perfect Footer

Zoltán Csentes   26-08-2023

Optimize the footer of your website in terms of SEO and UX! Useful tips for creating the perfect footer.

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