What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

There are two ways to get to the top positions of the Google search results list - these are the most clicked publications - with paid advertising (PPC - Google Ads) or with organic results, search engine optimization (SEO).

Google results list SERP: PPC above, organic results below

above are paid ads, below are organic results

PPC (Pay Per Click) is an ad after which we pay when someone clicks on it. You can set a fixed monthly budget and you won't pay more than that. With PPC advertising, we can appear at the top of the Google search engine at any time, if we have enough money. The essence of SEO is to achieve the same thing "for free" under paid ads.

I put it in quotation marks because we all know that nothing is free. SEO is a very time-consuming and hard work requiring expert knowledge, which you have to pay for if you don't know how to do it yourself. In return, however, we will get organic traffic for free.

If you have to choose between SEO and PPC:

The best solution would be for PPC and SEO to form a company's SEM presence together. However, as long as there is no money for both - but the conversion must come - I recommend that you start with PPC campaigns. You will soon see which keywords convert well for you, then try to optimize your page for search engines for these words.

If you need immediate results, then you clearly need PPC. (E.g. you want to communicate a one-time offer, a specific promotion in a highly targeted manner.)

If you are just starting your online store and you have to compete with the likes of eMAG or ExtrémDigital, you should also choose paid advertising.

If you have a unique, leading product or service, then SEO.

If you have little money to advertise on other channels (TV, social, etc.), then spend it on SEO!

And remember, PPC only works as long as you pay. However, with SEO you can plan for the long term.

Why is SEO important?

Brings customers

A searcher coming from Google is more likely to become a customer than someone who comes to the site by clicking on an ad.

Long-term advantage

Getting into the first results of the search engine is a long and difficult task. That is why it represents a long-term competitive advantage over competitors!


In the long run, SEO is the most cost-effective marketing tool that brings in customers even when your ad isn't running!

You can advertise cheaper

Thanks to SEO, advertising costs can be reduced and advertising position can be improved.

Why is PPC important?

Immediate result

If you have a new website and you need immediate results, it is inevitable to use Google Ads and Facebook ads.

Huge reach

The Google search engine is used by billions of people every day, making it an excellent platform for promoting your brand and expanding your customer base.

Targeted ads

With special ad targeting solutions, our ad is displayed only to those who are interested in the product or service.

Various ad formats

Both Google Ads and Facebook provide a wide range of advertising formats, so we can run text, image or even video ads.

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