SEO expert / Analytics expert - Zoltán Csentes

Zoltán Csentes is an SEO expert and Google Analytics expert with 15 years of online digital experience and references.

Zoltán Csentes

SEO expert and Analytics expert


During the past 15 years, I have worked in almost all areas of online digital marketing. I started my online career at the Extrém Digital online store, where during my 2 years I got to know how online stores work and the tricks that can be used to make a webshop successful.

During my career, I worked in the online sales house area (CEMP - - 6 years, RTime - RTL Klub - 3 years), but I also visited the agency side (Kirowski and Omnicom Media Group - 4 years).

I have gained experience in many "three-letter" fields (PPC/SEO/PRG/SEM), but my main field of expertise is currently search engine optimization and analytics.

During my agency work, I was able to work with such large companies as Renault, Nissan, UPC, K&H, McDonalds.

Zoltán Csentes is an SEO expert and the founder of AdOps Digital


SEO Audit

The FULL SEO Audit includes a full-fledged SEO analysis, which I prepare based on the data of several paid software and many years of SEO experience. The audit consists of 50+ pages, depending on the state of the page, and it takes me at least 8 working hours to complete. Details here.

SEO service for a monthly fee

The content of the monthly paid SEO service is always tailored to the client's unique needs. I usually recommend three packages to clients, which differ in price and service. You can read more about the monthly SEO service here.


In addition to on-site optimization, the other most important SEO tool that can be used to achieve results is link building. If the page is technically in order, the content is optimized for keywords, then one thing can still determine the position of our page in the search engine, the number and quality of the links pointing to it. Read more here.

Piwik / Google Analytics Audit

During the analytics audit, I review the entire Piwik or Google Analytics setup based on an almost 80-point checklist, starting with the implementation, through the configuration, down to the smallest settings. You can read more about the audit here.

Google Analytics setup

During the setup, I correct the errors stated in the audit and complete the setup of the website's measurement, from the basic measurement to the advanced settings. Of course, the setup also includes the implementation and setup of Google Tag Manager. You can read more about the content of the analytics setting here.

Webshop marketing

Anyone can start an online store, but it will only be successful if we properly measure and segment the resulting data. Shopify, Shoprenter, WooCommerce setup, optimization, analytics, web product management and Webshop SEO.


After leaving the OMG agency, I worked as a freelance SEO expert for a long time, then in 2023 I founded my own SEO agency. During this time, I participated in many SEO projects. You can read some more exciting SEO case studies here.

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