SEO Dashboard: Track the organic performance of your website and your competitors

  • Can't you see the work of an SEO expert or agency? Track your SEO results!
  • Automatically updated monthly reports on the SEO results of your website and your competitors.
  • Track the technical and content errors and status of your website in one place!
  • Linkbuilding check: can't you see the work of the link builder? We'll show you where you get the link from!
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SEO Dashboard to track organic results

All clients of the AdOps Digital SEO agency receive an SEO Dashboard right from the start of the joint work, on which they can monitor the technical and content development of the website, the link building results, the positions of the monitored keywords and the position of the competitors on a monthly basis.

You can now get this report, which is automatically updated on a monthly basis!

SEO Dashboard content

Content of the SEO Report:

In the dashboard, the following data are automatically updated in 18 sections on a monthly basis.

  • Search Console: General Summary
  • Position Tracking: position evolution of monitored keywords
  • Competitors: average positions, visibility and distribution
  • Backlink profile: tracking referring domains and backlinks
  • Technical SEO: tracking technical errors on a monthly basis
  • On-Page SEO: tracking content errors on a monthly basis
  • SEO KPI / ROI: how much it pays to spend on SEO
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Linkbuilding control

Did you buy linkbuilding but can't see the linkbuilder's work? With the help of our dashboard, you can follow the backlink profile of your website on a monthly basis, how many and of what quality you received links from. If required, we can customize the dashboard and provide detailed feedback on the work of the link builder.

Unfortunately, more and more people in our country deal with PBN link building, which is nothing more than manipulating search engines. Links placed on such low-quality pages are worth almost nothing and may even be penalized by Google. Avoid the penalty and look at the link builder's nails!

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Give us the contact information of your website and we will prepare a quick Mini SEO audit for you for FREE! The SEO audit will contain the most serious errors, but it does not replace the full SEO audit service.

* In the absence of sufficient access, this audit examines only limited elements. We prepare audits in order of arrival and reserve the right to refuse.

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Follow the work of your SEO expert!

We often come across the case that, although the company has its own SEO expert or agency, it still has no idea about the state of its website, its organic results, the impact of linkbuilding or the situation of its competitors.

AdOps Digital has therefore created an SEO dashboard, in which the results of the search engine optimization work can be monitored on a monthly basis.

What is SEO dashboard?

The SEO dashboard is a monthly automatically updated visual tool that allows businesses to easily follow the SEO performance of their site and key performance indicators (KPIs) using various graphs, tables and other visualizations.

Why is it needed?

Companies typically don't have the expertise or time to effectively track their SEO results. At best, the SEO experts and agencies they hire work to increase the organic results of the website, but clients don't always have a way to track the results. The SEO dashboard allows companies to see what results professionals are achieving.

Regular reporting has many benefits for both clients and SEO experts. On the one hand, it helps companies understand the results of SEO work, and on the other hand, it helps experts determine which optimization strategy works best.

What does the dashboard contain?

Various reporting options are available in the SEO dashboard. In 17 sections, on a monthly basis, the following data are updated automatically:

Search Console: General Summary
All the important indicators from the Google Search Console interface, with a graphical display that can be interpreted normally.

Position Tracking: position evolution of monitored keywords
Displaying the position of the predefined most important keywords on a graph

Competitors: average positions, visibility and distribution
From the report, we can find out who the real organic competitors are and how much of the pie they are cutting. What is their average position compared to us and who appears in the top positions with the most keywords.

Backlink profile: Result of link building, tracking of referring domains and backlinks
We can get to know the backlink profile of our website, how strong the domain is, how it changes on a monthly basis, how many new domains refer to us every month, how many and of what quality with new backlinks.

Technical SEO: tracking technical errors on a monthly basis
A crawler goes through the entire website every month and collects all technical errors. These can be tracked in diagrammatic or tabular form.

On-Page SEO: tracking content errors on a monthly basis
The crawler collects and displays not only technical errors, but also content errors.

SEO KPI / ROI: how much it pays to spend on SEO
In addition to the basic KPI indicators, it becomes clear how much it is worth spending on SEO.

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