Premium linkbuilding in a transparent and traceable way

  • 500-page domestic database with premium sites
  • Direct contact with domestic Sales Houses and media
  • We only build links from reliable and real websites
  • We create a linkbuilding strategy so you can plan
  • The entire process of linkbuilding can be checked on the SEO Dashboard
  • Package offers

Linkbuilding packages

Be careful, improper linkbuilding can be harmful! Before you trust anyone, read Dangers of link building: links that are too cheap should be suspicious and Link building case study: This is how cheap link builders sell articles!

Pr Article

  • backlink profile analysis
  • linkbuilding strategy
  • 2000-2500 characters article with picture and link
  • image and link placement

Link placement

  • backlink profile analysis
  • collection of suggested articles
  • link placement on keyword

Press release

  • backlink profile analysis
  • 1 blog article
  • 1 press release
  • follow up

Linkbuilding methods

Better rankings in search engines can be achieved with professional linkbuilding. You can read more about linkbuilding in the article Linkbuilding: Tips for beginners and advanced. Our SEO agency works with the following techniques:

PR article

The essence of this is that we place a PR article of 2000-2500 characters with a link and an image on the selected sites. The article can be backdated, which is not highlighted, but it can also be a recent, highlighted article. Its price typically starts at HUF 50,000, but the more powerful it is, the more expensive it is.

Link placement

This is the cheapest linkbuilding method because you don't have to write an article. In this case, we collect already written articles that contain the keyword important to us, and we place a link to them. This way, you can build a large number of backlinks relatively quickly.

Press releases / guest posts

Here, an expert processes and writes a newsworthy topic, which is sent to an editorial list of nearly 400 people. In most cases, the editors process and often refer to these articles on their website.

You have already had a linkbuilder but cannot see his work?

Cannot see the work of your Link Builder or SEO agency? Track your website's backlink profile using our monthly updated SEO Dashboard. We show you where you get links from and how much they are worth.

SEO Dashboard

Case Studies

SEO case study on the growth of organic traffic of a website providing services in English

SEO case study: English-language site, organic traffic increased fivefold in one year!

Wordpress SEO case study - VIDEO

Zoltán Csentes   07-12-2023

We performed 40 hours of SEO services on a Wordpress website. This was the result.

Look at it

Restaurant engine replacement SEO case study - VIDEO

Zoltán Csentes   15-11-2023

We changed the engine of a restaurant's website because Google didn't like the old one. I'll show you what the result was.

Look at it

SEO case study - Software retailer online store

Zoltán Csentes   03-07-2023

In our SEO case study, we present the results of a 1.5-year search engine optimization of a software web store.

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Case Study: How often should I post?

Zoltán Csentes   24-08-2022

A personal case study on how to determine how often to post and how important it is to write regularly.

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Linkbuilding case study: This is how cheap link builders beat you!

Zoltán Csentes   23-12-2021

By buying a link that is said to be cheap but of good quality, you are not only throwing money out the window, but your organic presence may also be in jeopardy.

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