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Ask for our FREE Google Ads account audit and we will scan your advertising account, reveal any errors and make recommendations for more effective campaign execution. Filling out the form below does not entail any obligation.

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What is an account audit good for?

Whether you manage your ad account yourself or someone else does it for you, if you're not an online marketing expert, it's hard to determine how good your current settings are. This is where we come into the picture and show you the status of your account, how well you use the opportunities and what else could be improved so that your advertising budget does not run out and your campaigns run optimally.

Contents of the free PPC Audit

Google Analytics scan

Adequate analytics and conversion measurement are essential for a successful campaign. We will scan your Google Analytics account and uncover any errors or deficiencies.

Google Ads configuration

We review the basic technical settings of your Google Ads account: account configuration, conversions, audiences, account connections.

Scan campaigns

We review the settings of the running campaigns, ad texts, keywords and targeting, exclusions and the use of extensions, and finally make recommendations.

* To examine the advertising account and the analytics account, we will need "view" access to the accounts. We prepare audits on a first-come, first-served basis and reserve the right to refuse.

Who are we?

Our Hungarian SEO agency consists of experienced specialists who have been involved in search engine optimization for years and marketing specialists with many years of domestic and international experience.

Frequently asked questions about the audit

  • How quickly is the audit completed?

  • If it's really free, why is it worth it to you?

  • Is it possible to discuss the problems of the audit?

  • Do you also do Facebook and TikTok advertising account audits?

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