Google Analytics audit and setup, Piwik and GTM setup

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Google Analytics Audit, Piwik analytics audit

Google Analytics Audit, Piwik analytics audit

Today, data is the new gold. If we don't measure and segment everything properly, we're definitely losing money and opportunities.

During the analytics audit, we review the entire Analytics setup based on a nearly 50-point checklist, starting with the implementation, through the configuration, down to the smallest settings.

During the audit, we reveal not only the most common errors, but also the deficiencies that, by correcting them, can provide additional useful information to the decision-makers.

We send the completed audit in pdf format by email, but we can also present it online if required.

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Why is analytics important?

Getting to know your visitors

Thanks to analytics, we can get to know our visitors and their behavior on the site (even in real-time), and based on this information, we can optimize our content for conversion.

Getting to know our website

In addition to visitors, we can also get to know our website. Which pages are the most visited, which pages are not interesting to visitors, or which pages convert the best.

Measuring our campaigns

With the help of analytics, we can measure, report and analyze all our online campaigns. We can easily see which advertising channels are more favorable for our business.

Micro and Macro conversions

The beauty of analytics is that almost everything can be measured! We can measure any interaction, click, form or download on our site. These can be defined as campaign goals.

Audience creation, retargeting

We can organize the visitors of our site into audiences based on specified conditions. These audiences can also be used later for a retargeting campaign.

Content of Google Analytics settings

No two analytics setups are the same. Different factors and settings are important for a blog or news site than for a service provider or online store (think about the Custom Dimensions options). Most settings include these points:

GTM setup / implementation

Proper implementation and setup of Google Tag Manager or Piwik Tag Manager, paying special attention to GDPR rules.

Complete configuration

Creating an account structure, setting up accesses, setting up domain, subdomain, cross-domain measurement. Connecting Google products, etc.

Filters / View setting

Creating views, setting filters, excluding bot traffic and internal traffic, deleting unnecessary URL query parameters.

Campaign measurement

Setting UTM parameters, creating Naming convention table, creating custom channel grouping, audience lists, custom metrics and dimensions.

E-Commerce measurement

Enhanced Ecommerce setup, Sales Funnel setup, Net profit and Gross Margin setup, Custom alerts creation.

Event measurement

Setting the measurement of all marketing-important events, defining a naming convention for events.

Micro-Macro conversions

Defining and setting Micro and Macro Goals.

Audience lists / retargeting

Defining and sharing audience lists to Google Ads for retargeting.

Looker Studio (DataStudio) Dashboard

The last step in setting up Google Analytics is creating a unique Analytics Dashboard, which contains the most important indicators and numbers that marketing may need.

GDPR compliance check

Did you know that if any measurement code - including analytical measurement codes - run without the visitor's consent, you risk millions?!

Do not collect data illegally!

Few people are aware of the basic GDPR rules. If the cookie consent is not properly implemented on the site, or if measurement codes are accidentally run for which we did not ask the visitor for permission, then we can easily violate the GDPR rules.

The NAIH already in Hungary it examines data protection compliance with the use of Google services with special attention.

If you order a Google Analytics or Piwik audit from us, we also examine the appropriate consent management in the audit. If you only want to check GDPR compliance, request an individual offer!


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